WWE 2K19 My Career Mode All Cutscenes Full Movie Gameplay

WWE 2K19 My Career Mode All Cutscenes Full Movie Gameplay
FULL Walkthrough of the mode!


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WWE 2K19’s MyCAREER mode is back and better than ever. The main focus this year is providing a dramatic storyline with plot twists, surprises, and impactful player decisions offering a dramatic shift from previous entries. Over 200 cutscenes tell the story of your MyPLAYER character “Buzz” as he navigates a thrilling journey from the bottom to the top of sports entertainment.For the first time ever in MyCAREER, players will start in the indie scene. You’ll face young upstarts in grungy rings and do anything you can to get noticed by NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom.

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  1. Ok so I'm fairly impressed by how far the cinematics have come since the older generation of wrestling games. But they still have a looong way to go before they meet the ever-increasing standards of other current games. The choppy movements of the characters and terrible lip-syncing look like something out of a PS2 game. The skins are great though. And some of the acting was good. Some of the acting (Triple H) was obviously phoned in. It was alright. It doesnt suck. Meh.

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