WWE 2K18 My Career Mode Ep 9 – I Made The LIST! Bray Wyatt?! Zack Ryder!

After successfully winning our main roster PPV debut, James Fatal looks to move on to the next big thing in WWE 2K18 MyCareer! Zack Ryder almost ruins our game, but the big thing is Bray Wyatt getting us on Chris Jericho’s LIST!

In a new journey on WWE 2K18 My Career Mode, follow along as James Fatal looks to stake his claim in the wrestling business. Fatal starts in WWE NXT looking to climb the WWE rankings & face the tops guys like John Cena, Roman Reigns, & Brock Lesnar. Win some WWE Championships on the way, main event some Wrestlemanias, you know the usual in WWE 2K18 MyCareer.


A special thank you to the following people for supporting me on Patreon & being a part of the Mid Card Champion or higher tiers for September 2017: Zack Roper, Myles Davis, Ashton Crowder, Zadok Vatubua, Kriss Miller, Christian Caputo, POESE1, Joey, Billy Dean, James Hill, Devin Horne, Nick McCall, Craig Robert, Juwan Hill, Mikey J Williams, @thedragonvise, Lane Van Rees, Vincent Arangorin, Karl Morgan, Justin Reid, Tarence Thomas, AlvinAlpha, Griffin Hayes, David German Jr, Brent, Layto.

47 Kommentare

  1. Yo pulse any way u can help me with my face capture there’s lines and it’s not blending with my characters face like yours there’s lines no other YouTuber will help I’m not reaching out to mad of them but is there any way u can help out

  2. I hate when he does the stomps because it makes the AI waste a reversal, which makes it even easier for him.  I want to see him actually struggle in these matches and want it to feel like Fatal can lose every now and then.

  3. Now I’m about to pa pa ka!
    Wait but…….. no please god no…..
    The ting goes skraaaaa pa pa ka ka ka, skidi pip pap pop and skrr skrr boom, skiya pa ka pa pa ka, boom poom poom ( search it on YouTube and watch the whole thing )

  4. What is up with these games and long hair.. It's like wild snakes about to attack everyone in sight! I was so scared when Fatal was talking to Naomi… I thought it was the end for Fatal. Fatal would have been struck fatally. curls into a ball and cries #campbellism

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