Trump appoints Dr. Oz to fitness and nutrition council

Dr. Oz explains how he plans to motivate Americans to be active and healthy.

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42 Kommentare

  1. I love my President … But Dr.Oz is a fu*king irritating lesbian that prays on peoples fears. He had the whole country eating Coconut oil just to find out it was clogging their arteries the entire time

  2. He Loves Oprah! Trump can hire him? Free thinker, that Trump! haha. I have not eaten margarine since I saw that video years ago! How interesting! Keep an open mind, remember repubs! dems! independent thinkers! What a new term, thanks Kanye, thanks Candace Owens, thanks Scott Adams. Maybe it is a new trend, this new free thinking thing! I am thinking that we would like for you all to keep the non free thinkers in the big cities. In the country, we see the stars, moon, breath air and I think that free thinking goes to your head. Just sayin!

  3. Dr Oz does expose BAD medicine techniques that has
    saved viewers from possible paralysis to death.
    1 procedure was a neck & back injection that led to
    75% of the patients aka victims being paralyzed.
    25% were successful.
    That's a terrifying failure rate!
    By the way?
    I know a person who's very close to me that endured the shot
    in the back & the Dr. damn near paralyzed her.
    Now, as a result of the injection, she suffers from " acute arachnoiditis."
    A disabling condition caused by a needle invading the wrong area part of
    the spinal cord.
    Dr.'s make $2,000 and up, per shot, for this procedure that Dr. Oz exposed.
    So, OZ haters out there …
    Don't toss the baby out with the bath water.
    ~ peace

  4. the same so called doctor who doesn't vaccinate his kids but doesn't publicly demand all toxins poisons and cancer causing ingredients be removed from vaccines? Another sell out. It should make you all wonder what the heck trump is doing

  5. President Trump I wish you would pay attention to people dr. Oz is no good he's a damn liberal outspoken smart-alec I'm disappointed in you president Trump disappointed in you you should have never never ever hired dr. Oz he's a damn Hillary liberal lover and a chip lover how many more disappointments is there do not take dr. Oz president. Trump please you should mention to the public who you were looking at and let the public help you determine who to pick you are picking those that will stab you in the back big time

  6. The propaganda and lies never end. It just gets more bizarre. "The governments fitness and nutrition council"? Is that even real? The government, it's agencies and corporate buddies have approved and promoted, every unhealthy and toxic thing imaginable for you to consume. They've got you so dumbed down, you don't look at ingredients, (the ones that can read), and most don't even care as they waddle and shuffle through the grocery store. This is a purposeful attack on humanity through toxic food, planned ignorance and apathy, chemicals in the water, chemtrails, vaccines and a push for selling prescription drugs for lifelong consumption. (a much shorter life, but so what, Right?) This is not news. It is brain washing for the mesmerized sheep.

  7. Dr. Oz is a hack, this the first time if have realy disagreed with you Mr. President. Why did you not take Dr. Bergman out of California or Dr. Axe. This man has been proven wrong about indorsments he has made and is, from my point of view, a lier.

  8. Come on Trump wth man how about giving some non-elite forgotten Americans a shot I mean it's not rocket science after all… Oz is about as stupid as Oprah and perhaps a shade more deceptive, I voted for Trump and probably will again but this kind of crap is the same old same old.

  9. HE isn't a snake oil salesman. The medical community doesn't really count certain things to resolve certain health issues. Example now they are finding Tumeric and other natural things can help prevent diabetes, cancer etc but if u look at studies before they will say oh there is no proof that this or that can prevent this disease so someone can classify it as snake oil the real SNAKE OIL IS TAKING SO MUCH MEDICATION THAT DOESN'T CURE U AND JUST MASKS THE SYMPTOMS AND GET'S U HOOKED ON PHARMACEUTICALS DAMAGING ORGANS OVER TIME

  10. Trump supporters acting like Trump is just making innocently uninformed decisions, on all the assholes he appoints. I guess he really could just about be filmed killing a child, and they'd say hey, that kid was a carrier, about to spread a deadly plague, trump is our hero!

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