Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Records Mode Gameplay Reveal

Join us during our Gongsun Zan campaign for an epic battle in the Records Mode Gameplay Reveal against Ma Chao in the Tool Resource of Anding.

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  1. They should've done a proper historical title instead of this… Hopefully they will do Empire 2 Total War at some point, and properly this time around. I am looking forward to that day.

  2. Why was the AI just idling in the base while many of its forces were holding choke points? It could have beaten you back with the overwhelming range superiority. This seems foolish that the AI just idles and lets its units die..

  3. hi total war for many years I am very happy with your video games, and youtube recently, but as a personal opinion would be great that the videos were subtitled in Spanish 🙂 a greeting

  4. Pre order link to the CE on the official website is redirecting people to Thrones of Britannia’s steam page, can we get a fix on this? At least a page that says “sold out” if that’s the case. But some of us would like to buy it.

  5. This is so boring. I bought every total war game but not shogun and this… This asian stuff is surely not for the mainstream of players. A much better idea to just focus on warhammer instead of those games, it looks like somekind of mod.Nothing you would play too much, just like atilla was one of the worst ones you produced.

  6. This is probably the most boring and generic video I’ve watched that makes me even more convinced I’m done with this series, the AI is still bugged out, decision making just isn’t there and the unit scale has not changed whatsoever, why would I buy something that’s going to look the exact same with some UI changes and minor graphics tweaks? This game looks like a mash of shogun 2 and Attila with all the problems and some silly heroes put in.

  7. an i hope the truly fix the Battle AI for that i can wait even until mid summer from what i have (most troubled by it) seen the swords men would have all routed if Ma chao's cav wasn't so undecided (basically doing nothing ) on witch front to attack and amazingly it chose to attack right at the swordsmen (with the rest of his cav) and sent the infantry to flank at the archers . So far after 19 years of total war man the first thing it should work in any title and enhanced at every next title a good battle AI especially since we got back to earth standards and not Warhammer ones (i literally mean the extra variety of units monster-dragons etc. at TW:W )

    :W )

  8. Can anyone please help a dude out. I’m looking at buying a new pc rig so I can run this game ( don’t need ultra settings. Medium is fine) does anyone know what sort of price I would have to spend to get a good enough pc for three kingdoms. I’m really bad with computers so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  9. i really hope they change the green unit circles over the units.
    it really kills the immersion, mood, feel for me(NEON GREEN?).
    i really liked it more in shogun 2 with the big flags over the units. not only do i find that it looks better but it also displays out more information about the unit statuses in my opinion, flag tearing, foot circle ecc.

    these green circles are dull :/

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