The 5 Biggest Fitness Mistakes

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Our goal with this video is to make the process easier for anybody struggling with their fitness goals. We go over 5 VERY common fitness mistakes that we notice take place every single day. Follow these 5 rules and you will notice the journey becomes a lot easier. Please like, comment and share with anybody that could learn a thing or two from this video 🙂 #TeamColossus

Time Stamps-
5 Biggest Fitness Mistakes
1. (0:12)- Cheating yourself (on sets, reps, nutrition, etc)
2. (1:37)- Taking advice from non natural lifters
3. (2:54)- Not taking time to learn proper form from the start
3.5 (3:34)- What is your #1 biggest fitness mistake?
4. (4:06)- Don’t start as an expert when you’re a beginner (train at your level)
5. (5:15)- Not trusting process/expecting to see results right away

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