Terraria – [Expert Mode Speedrun] Moonlord in 45 minutes (Seeded ANY% RTA)

As the title says this is a seeded any% speedrun which means it’s extremely different from my previous glitch free run. This video is not meant for those who are critical of abusing in-game bugs.


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  1. The run has been verified. You can find the record on speedrun dot com. As always thank you very much everyone! I also would like to give special thanks to those who found and shared all the techniques/strategies/fun stuffs/oddities/bugs or just whatever term you deem appropriate.

  2. also in my first gameplay EVER back in like 2015 the first thing I encounter is a pinky so I try to kill it it hits me off a cliff and I die not only that but me and my brother made a dirt house in the mountain that we spawned on and there was a corruption right next to us and we were scared to go to it until one of the eater of souls came and we called it "spider thingy" and we thought of it as satan we also believed in all the videogame rumors and myths such as herobrine in Minecraft and the actual squid looking cthulu in terraria (wow this took a long time to write)


    An eldritch horror, brother of the Great Old one who will destroy the Earth when awakened, has four legions of armies that easily kill you over and over again, has a beam of death that obliterates everything
    Some quacky bois

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