From Physical fitness is an important aspect of dirt riding and we chat with Australian Dirt Bike Motocross Legend Stephen Gall, who provides an introduction to physical fitness and exercise for all forms of offroad dirt bike riding whether it be motocross, adventure, enduro or dual sport riding.

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This is just an intro and we’ll cover more aspects of phyical fitness in future vidss. And Stephen Gall does more than just train riders too, he is founder of Gall Bros Medical. Years ago he saw Australia’s need for orthopaedic Knee Braces, after injuring both of his ACL knee ligaments during his motocross career. He couldn’t find a knee brace to allow him to continue with his motorbike racing, so Gall Bros. Medical imported CTI knee supports, ranging from Custom Bracing, Off-the-shelf bracing, Osteoarthritis Bracing, and Post-Operative Bracing. Stephen Gall has plenty of experience in exercise and physical fitness for enduro and motocross riders, as he has trained guys like Stewart in the USA.

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