PHRYGIAN – Understanding and Using the Third Mode of Major [MODAL MUSIC THEORY]

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Phrygian is the third mode of the Major scale. It has a uniquely dark feel to it compared to the other modes, thanks to the flat 2nd scale degree which forms a dissonant minor 2nd interval to our tonic. In this video, we learn how the scale itself is built, and also how it is a mode of Major. We also learn the chords of phrygian, and also explain several ways one can compose their own music using the phrygian mode.

It’s an awesome scale that doesn’t get a LOT of use for reasons that I don’t go into in this video. It is the last of the video lessons on modes that I plan on doing for a while, I’m not too excited about doing a lesson on Locrian! But my future videos will be referencing all my modal videos, expecially when I start getting into modal mixture / borrowed chords.
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