At Nestlé FITNESS, we’re committed to raising breast cancer awareness with our Pink Ribbon initiative. So this year, we gave one woman a bra fitted with a hidden camera, and a mission: to remind women around the world to check their breasts regularly to help prevent breast cancer. Go behind the scenes and see how we did it at And don’t forget to #CheckYourSelfie.
Nestlé FITNESS is actively supporting local breast cancer charities in over 20 countries.

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  1. I would like to personally volunteer to do breast exams on every woman in America. It's a hard job, and it will require a lot of my free time, but it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make. I will look at them for as long as it takes, until it starts to get creepy…and then I'll stare just a little bit more. I'm not saying that I'll find anything…but I'll try my non-medical best. For all those women who don't want to look at their own breasts, I will do it for you. I promise–not one inch of skin on your breasts will be missed. 🙂

  2. This contributes absolutely nothing towards breast cancer awareness. All it does, is show that when you have a neon pink bra, and a half open sweater, that people will stare and try not to comment on it. That's it. It does NOT remind ANYONE to check for breast cancer.

  3. I wish women wouldn't show cleavage. As a man you automatically look before you can possibly stop yourself and then face embarrassment. Recently a girl with enormous breast in a tight t-shirt, showing as much cleavage as possible came to serve me in a bar. I looked and then felt the need to apologize, even though it is automatic. Just don't do it. Seriously women, cover then or deal with it. Looking is instinctual, not chosen.

  4. meh. If I put a lot of emphasis on something, people will look as well. I still like the idea of Brian Posehn: Men should flaunt a little bit of 'neck'. Just let them pants sag and show off some neck. Bet you people will look at that (I also love how there's a dude with a salami down his sweatpants, totally surprised 80% of the people take a look at it within 20 secs…). That what's cleavage and bra's are for: To emphasise and attract attention. Like make up… This is nothing new, basically all women and men know this.
    But I guess you have to do something loopy to get attention these days. I like them women without bras better, supporting the emancipation of women. Fighting cancer is more important I guess.

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