Making A Legit Fitness Income YouTube

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  1. One thing you dont talk about is having charisma. I subscribe to people involved in hobbies i dont even care for just because i like the person. And no i dont mean hot chicks. I mean how someone talks, their knowledge, and presentation.

  2. Please, when a YouTube personality start whining about "demonitization", please post a link to this video to show them how they can make a legit income without begging for money on Patreon.

  3. This is very helpful. Not really wanting to start a business but do have a lot local friends and family asking for help from me.
    This is a great tool to help them with. And maybe in the future who knows. Thanks for the very helpful content. You have a new subscriber.

  4. Hello everyone, I know this ain't related to the content of the video but I have a doubt about nutrition and I'm not quite sure of where to put it. If anyone could answer it, i'd be grateful (you're the GOAT if you do it, Scooby).

    So I went into scooby mealplanner and made a cutting diet, médium carb reduction, -15% calories. There's no way in hell I eat what I'm suggested, I get dizzy just by thinking in eating 600 g cawliflower. So, I followed Scooby advice and bought the book Anabolic Cooking. I asume it is correct to get the macros given by Scooby and make it fit with the récipes in that book. Considering that this book have his blessing, I assume i can also expect vitamins and etc to be correct. Is this true?

    Second, I have a doubt. Let's say my macros are supposed to be 2300 kcal, 276protein, 153 carbs, 71 fat (these are the actual numbers I'm given).
    Let's say i eat clean for 6 days, adjusting to that.
    Now here is my question: I understand that if you eat more just one day in a week, you can hinder the results of the whole week. But, what happens if you actually eat less for that day?
    For example, I love fried food. Let's suppose that in saturday I eat worse, but I skip a meal to make the cals correct. If i eat more fat and carbs for that day and less proteins, but I still stay in the caloric range or even lower it (like eating 2000 kcal instead of 2300), is that aceptable (note that I say aceptable, not optimal)? Would that limit the benefits a lot?

    Hope this question doesn't provoke a pillow scream., and thanks to everyone whom reads this.

  5. I admire your business acumen, Scooby. Very smart. A great bodybuilder and inspiration, and a smart business man. Are you related to Superman? Only kidding. I have great respect for you. I'm 45 years old and now very serious about getting into shape. I have set myself a 12 month challenge to totally transform myself. Current (very bad) stats: Height: 5'7', weight: 330 pounds, waist : 62 inches. A long way yo go over the next 12 months but I WILL do it! I am video documenting my progress so will send you the results this time next year. Keep inspiring me!!

  6. I do YouTube for the love of helping people. I don't even monetize. Quite frankly, if you don't want to help people, you shouldn't expect much fulfillment from making fitness videos.

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