Kirby: Right Back at Ya! – Episode 61 – Fitness Fiend

I do not own Kirby or this show. All copyrights to 4kids, HAL Labs, and Nintendo.

Aside from his constant plots against Kirby, King Dedede isn’t exactly a busy body… In fact, he’s quite the couch potato. On this episode, when the king gets hungry, he gets his hands on a bag of chips that happened to be simply scrumptious. He can’t have just one. So he has another bag… And another… And another… At this point, Escargoon is a tad concerned about the king’s health, but Dedede himself could care less. After eating these chips for days, the Cappies begin to wonder why they haven’t seen the king in a while, not that they’re worried about him or anything silly like that. Tiff and her family find out what’s wrong with King Dedede after they see Escargoon in a panic. If they thought the king was fat before, just wait until they see him NOW…

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