German Course for Children Kleidung Clothes 7

German for children
Teil/7 Part7- Clothes
A German Native Speaker on a language mission.

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Learn how to say hello in German.
Kids audio lesson in German. Count to 10 in German. 1 to 10 in German. How do you say….

What should I wear today? This is not only a question which bothers adults! Children love to pick their own clothes. Why don’t you make a language game out of the morning routine? Maybe you could watch Lesson Seven and Lesson Eight whilst you are having breakfast. Then you could ask: Do you want to wear Schuhe (shoes)? Would you like to wear this Kleid (dress)? Magst du das Kleid? And for the teachers out there: After watching the video, you should point at your own clothes and ask your students: ‘Was ist das?’ (What ist that?) – Schuhe! (shoes) The first video focusses on words and not sentences.

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