Funny Fitness, my first video & my dog. (true fitness) 2018

This is my first video. In this video I discuss this channel and give viewers a broad idea and some examples of what the channel will be about. I show some clips of my workout and what I eat,, hopefully entertain you, and give you a review of some stuff I bought on Amazon. I realize my editing skills are NOT the best, but if I can get a good following, I will have time to gladly learn more. I created this channel because I have always wanted someone to go through the journey of getting fit with me. So we will be going through the struggles of fighting cravings and times when we don’t feel like going to the gym or working out. Through this journey, I will share with you some tips and secrets that I have found that work for me and others. I wanted this video to be fun, hilarious and entertaining as well so I added in some highlights of the type of humor that may be included. I want this channel to be yours as much as it is mine. So I encourage you to comment, rather positive or negative. If you have read this description or watched my video,, thank you so much for taking the time. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel so I may have the ability to create more videos.

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