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For those of you that are new to my channel, my name is Phil Rusnack. Philionfit is a movement to provide fitness motivation, bodybuilding advice, teen lifting tips, and much more. I’m 19 years old, natural, and I enjoy powerlifting, athletic training, and bodybuilding. If you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments down below!

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  1. Here's one way you know someone is probably not an expert. When experts want to reach the masses, they try to use a 6th to 8th-grade vocabulary. When a non-expert wants to sound like an expert, they try to use bigger words where possible. Like Kino's use of "modality". And those bigger words often don't fit the context well.

    One of the rules for good technical writing is to never use a bigger word when a smaller word will work. Don't use "utilized" if "used" will work. Non-experts do the reverse. They always try to use a bigger word even a smaller word will work.

  2. IF actually manipulates insulin levels. It's good to get glycogen levels low so you can use fat as fuel during exercise. But you can also do a 40 min brisk walk before lifting for this as well

  3. I think this guy is the kind of guy shitting on others for a living, everyone knows what's real and what's not and who's on steroids and who's not, jesus Christ, playing the smart guy, intermittent fasting works you dumb ass unless your genetic is so shit bunch of fat cells more than average everything you eat all stored in fat cells starving to get in skinny shape once get rid of the fats in fat cells, you have dinner you don't get all digested until the morning that's why you fast for the morning so everything you do is consuming calories even using your brain once your body goes to the state of hunger it absorb even faster and break done to glucose and store glycogen even faster, have you trained fasted (empty stomach)? It's hard isn't it?have to get 5 cheese burger to lift little bit weight isn't it?hahahahahahahahahah don't play the smart guy you don't even have a labcoat here shut your face.

  4. Man I’ve actually formed my routine around this guy’s advice, and not gonna lie, built a pretty nice physique. Intermittent fasting has proven benefits to weight loss and muscle retention. I don’t know the guy personally, but I always go off of results. How many people has his program got in shape? And based on the testimonials, Greg has lots. You and many others may not like his style or how he comes across (believe me I totally get it) but he’s selling his business. Everybody does that. It’s easy to stand on the sidelines and pick on others and put them down, but at least he’s turned what he’s passionate about into a successful business.

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