Fitness Boxing – Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Jab, hook, cross and uppercut your way through 20 smashing tunes in Fitness Boxing, out now on Nintendo Switch!

If you’d like a warm-up this cold and festive season, a free demo is available to try!

Time to get moving:

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37 Kommentare

  1. At first; I thought this would be a silly mediocre game/app at best. I downloaded the demo and played it for 20 minutes. I immediately pre-purchased the game. This app is legitimately a good workout and the way you can schedule sessions on and game calendar, choose the intensity, duration and what kind of work outs, as well as calorie counter is very well implemented.  You got me again Nintendo. Keep it up, but please be kind to my wallet. Sometimes it just isn't ready!

  2. Working out?! The opposite of why I bought a switch! Still looks like a great game. Check out my switch unboxing on my channel if anyone is interested! It means a lot!

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