Final Fantasy XV: God Mode

God Mode in the game Final Fantasy 15 (FFXV). Learn how to activate Armiger God Mode to fly like Superman anywhere in the game. God Mode Armiger is used twice in the game (against Leviathan and Ardyn), but there is a way to make it permanent so that you are able to travel through the air and fly at great speed like a superhero. Video shows how to activate God Mode by using a lodge during the fight with Ardyn (In Insomia). Note that you need to have completed the game and saved a save slot (or playing the last chapter 15). This works on the latest version (1.09). A fan mentioned there may be a way to do it without going to the Lodge (trick is near the balcony). Someone else mentioned in the comments this may not work in 1.00. So get it before 1.09 is updated because you may not be able to make it work if you revert to 1.00. Later in the video, you can see a flyby of famous areas in Lucis and Altissia. Original person who found this method removed their video (didn’t want the attention and went into hiding) and asked people to look to others who made this work, so here it is people. Reason was probably people blaming him for God Mode being used in Timed Quest. Credit will be provided if he asks for it, otherwise, to protect him from criticism and retaliation in Japan, his name is anonymous. Gameplay walkthrough on PlayStation 4 Pro version of Final Fantasy XV (FF15).
To remove god mode, make a New Game+, select the God Mode save, play past Chapter 9 and your God Mode will be removed. Then save over your Save File. If you get stuck in Chapter 4 Titan, simply fly through holes to next checkpoint.

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