Epic Fortnite Pirate Ship! – NEW Fortnite Playground Mode! – Fortnite Playground Gameplay

Welcome back to more Fortnite! Today, I try to reach spawn island, and then create a massive pirate ship in Loot Lake in the new playground mode! Follow Blitz on Facebook:

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Fortnite Season 4 is coming to a close, the villain of Fortnite has a fortnite missile in the fortnite evil lair. Today, the missile was launched and the fortnite rocket has broken space and time, and teleports across the map!

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  1. I also made one similar but i used the jump pad glitch. Put a bounce pad on a ramp wit a wall that has a walkway edited and put the launch pad directly in from of it and walk into the bounce pad and ull go 3x higher

  2. Still on the debate of downloading this on my Nintendo Switch, but this new playground mode might be my selling point.

    Edit 1: Why is there a infinite time limit option’ that would have been a god idea

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