Emacs Org-mode – a system for note-taking and project planning

Google Tech Talks
July 15, 2008


Org-mode is a large Emacs sub-systems that has been integrated into
Emacs with the version 22.1 release. From it original intend,
Org-mode is a system for structured note-taking and project planning.
It uses strictly plain text files, making it a truly portable,
system-independent solution. The project-planning features are
implemented using a fairly simple outlining paradigm, upon which
meta-data concepts like due dates, priorities, TODO states and tags
are overlayed in a non-intrusive way. Besides outlining the system
and its basic concepts, I will give background information into the
history of Org-mode and discuss the properties of such an evolved
system compared to a top-down designed one. Finally, I will also
briefly touch on some technical aspects that may be interesting for
Emacs wizards and developers.

Speaker: Carsten Dominik

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