utwór zespołu Depeche Mode pochodzącego z albumu The Singles 86-98 wydanego w 1998 roku.

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  1. Anyone can have an addiction. Chocolate for example is an an addiction, so is heroin, crack, alchohol, anything that takes away from reality. Trust me, no president, gang member, or family member can help you unless you make a decision to help yourself.

  2. Ya know those bands, ya really don't like them. You don't dislike them, but you don't like them…

    But they got that motherfucker of a song that just kicks ya hard?

    This is that song for me. This is up there with "How Soon Is Now?" on the heft scale. Just good, gnarly rock. Really good stuff.

  3. Obie, (Holy Ghost), You Have Always Ever Been My Best-Friend. — and, Yes, I finally DO Know Who Wears the Trousers. Me. "And the Wolf Shall Lie Down with the Lamb." Just don't let Me down again. .Jahi. — God

  4. This song was awesome. I have been a supporter of this band for a large span of my life and appreciate their work. Many of the songs they've released are able to grip my heart and let me slide down to the floor to dance like a fool

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