Depeche Mode – Interview with Dave Gahan

Depeche Mode – Interview with Dave Gahan. 2017

“We’re really kind of upset about what’s going on in the world,” says Dave Gahan at the start of our interview. Depeche Mode’s singer stopped by to discuss his iconic band’s new album, ‘Spirit,’ a record with political overtones and a thoughtful character that reminds listeners of the self-determination we all share. Regarding the title, Gahan says “we all have a consciousness, and anytime we want we can stop and choose to feel what’s really going on there. We all know when something’s not right.”

Depeche Mode introduced itself to the world in 1981 with the catchy synth-pop of ‘Speak & Spell.’ Martin Gore’s writing well matched Gahan’s sensual vocals, and beloved records such as ‘Construction Time Again’ and ‘Violator,” made them one the era’s biggest acts. ‘Spirit’ is Depeche Mode’s 14th album, and their video for “Where’s the Revolution” was directed by their longtime collaborator, Anton Corbijn. Interviewer Joseph Patel asks the singer about his relationship with the famed photographer, who Gahan deems a fifth member of the band.

“He understood that our music needed a visual, and it wasn’t necessarily us,” responds the 54-year-old native of Essex, England, “it was his photography, his imagery, it was landscapes. A video like ‘Enjoy the Silence’ is just beautiful photography. It’s unique and it still stands up today. The concepts he comes up with [can be baffling]…but we’ve learned to trust him.”

Watch the full Vevo interview, where Gahan touches on growing up in council estates (public housing) east of London, the point in his life when “I wasn’t sure if I was going to reach 35,” and his ongoing work with Gore and the band.

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