Day 3: HIIT Cardio & Abs – Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle

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41 Kommentare

  1. I love the format of this workout for getting ab specific work in. I like how you Rev up the heart rate and then do some ab work. I know all HIIT moves engage the abs anyway, but when you're gonna do abs I like them sandwiched between HIIT!

  2. You guys are the best. A good friend of mine who is a personal trainer did this workout with me and he said he was dying. Lol. Thanks. So motivating. Please keep your mistakes in the your future videos as well. It keeps it real.

  3. Can you pleaaaaase make another 5 days workout challenge to burn fat ?! Your workouts are THE BEST guys ! And the 5 days challenge is so much easier to follow, I don't have to think about what workout Ii'm gonna do.
    Thank you for your hard work, I love your videos!

  4. I'm totally with Kelli, Mt. Climbers is the worst!!!!!! I hate it!!!! I'd rather do burpees!!!
    Before the climbers I was like, OK it's not too hard today… and after I was like, dead…..

  5. Hello!
    Just a quick message to tell you that you have the best workouts, Daniel and Kelli. I'm so grateful to have come across your videos; they changed my way of thinking towards exercising in general. I like how you can show begginer/low impact and also harder versions. I also like your attitude : no over-smiling, over-enthusiastic self-satisfied individuals ; just normal human beings teaching us how to take care of our bodies. And also, I love the fact that I can put whatever music I want and not have to endure the ''typical'' work-out music!
    Lots of love from Canada <3

  6. At first I was like, "Oh crap… the third day is the one that's going to kill me!" But after the cool down and stretch I said to myself, "You survived didn't you? I feel great!"

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