Day 1: Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle

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  1. Im coming back to this 5-day Challenge. I lost 1 kilo (2.6 lbs) in this "5-day Challenge: Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscles" than the other "5-day Challenge: Strong and Lean" (one-hour sets) – 1.1 lbs… other than the fact I was off-work for the former than the latter, stress was a factor? That could be the reason? hahaha Either way, I lost inches and poundage on both programs. So overall, these Fitness Blender programs work. At Day 3 on this program, I had not difficulty climbing up and down stairs! so, that made me so happy, i felt that I achieved a lot! Small victories are still victories! Bless you Daniel and Kelly!

  2. If you are, like me, doing this workout as part of the 8 week program, you will likely to see your first results the day after this routine. Finally! I gained 1kg (2.2lbs) during the first few days of week 1 due to hydration and blood levels increase and other possible factors associated with going from no exercise to exercising 6 days per week. And now that weight is gone and I'm down from the original weight when I started. So motivating!

    I have done this workout as part of the 5 day challenge twice before and now in the 8 week program – this definitely is easier 3rd time around. I almost completed the whole routine with no adjustments and did not feel like I was going to throw up half way through that HIIT part!

  3. Thank you so much for this workout guys! Ive been working with you for about 7 months and now I am strating this program. It was so fun and so exhausting! Thank you for being so motivational and awesome! :))

  4. you guys are so real, I love you. When I am going to challenge with you I can see even you are a professional athlete, you are challenged and you get tired. This gives me strength so that I am not as bad as I always think. you are not fake like so many trainers out there. you don't try to show that you are the best. you show that you are ordinary just like us. And that shortern the gap between you and us. Thank you so much. Wish you all the best

  5. I love the fact that Kelli doesn't have the best balance. Neither do I, and it's actually encouraging that I'm normal! Daniel is right, strength training is essential at any age. I'm a 55 year old woman, and today, for the first time, thanks to these 2 wonderful people, I DID BURPEES. Not modified burpees, real ones. Thank you for developing your programs that give us what we need to get fit and healthy. I'm doing the 8 week one.

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