Comparing military physical fitness tests

Want to know what the difference is between the different physical fitness test in the US military? In this video a give a breakdown of the minimum standards each branch of the military requires for an individual to pass. I go in depth with a lot of it but also I still don’t cover every aspect. Just what i feel is necessary to give you a good comparison.

* Keep in mind that the content in this video is intended for a general understanding of the topic. Im a US army veteran with over 10 years in the Army but some information in this video may not be included for time purposes. Always make sure to seek out additional information from an Army recruiter, career counselor or an appropriate Army representative for updated information and further details on the subject. *


Info on the Coast Guard physical fitness test:


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– I was active duty US Army for just over 10 years.
– I was an 88M (motor transportation operator).
– I got out as an E-5/ SGT.
– I was stationed at Fort Riley, JSA, Korea and Fort Carson.
– I deployed to Iraq twice.
– I currently (as of this video) work as civilian instructor for the Army.

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