Bodybuilding VS CrossFit: The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Get a shredded six pack in record time:

Today marks a very big day in Six Pack Shortcuts history… We have been listening to all of the requests from our fans to give you guys the one workout that you’ve never seen before until now…

Today, we bring you what you’ve all been waiting for… A contest to determine who reigns supreme in the world of fitness, athleticism and performance… The Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Bodybuilding VS CrossFit is here live at the Six Pack Shortcuts Training Arena!

We’ve created a competition that forges classical sports conditioning exercises with some CrossFit staples in order to bring a fair fight to both contenders: Six Pack Shortcuts own, Jonny representing the bodybuilding corner and local Olympic lifter, Ricky ,representing the CrossFit corner.

Video Breakdown:

1:39 – Event number 1: 225lb bench press – Reps until failure.

3:10 – Event number 2: Box jumps for time – Both contenders must perform as many planted-foot jumps as possible in one minutes time.

5:10 – Event number 3: Long jump – Both contenders get 3 long leaps each and the longest leap wins this event.

7:21 – Event number 4: Strict pull-ups – Both contenders must perform as many full range of motion pull-ups as possible in one minutes time.

9:03 – Event number 5: 225lb back squats – Both contenders much rep as many to-parallel squats as possible in one minutes time.

11:11 – And the winner by 2 points… Jonny!!!

Burn off body fat faster than ever:

Thanks for tuning in for today’s special edition episode, “The Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Bodybuilding VS CrossFit” here at the Six Pack Shortcuts training arena. It was such a close call between these two athletes but one thing is for certain: If you are looking for a shredded six pack, the best style of training is that of the Six Pack Shortcuts stud, Jonny… Without a doubt, his condition is out of this world.

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