Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple’s fitness claims

How well does the newest Apple Watch hold up as a fitness tracker, and are the new features worth the splurge?

Read the Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress –

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18 Kommentare

  1. I went from a Polar RCX5 with HR monitor and GPS module to a Apple Watch (original), then the series 3. I’m now back to a Polar device that work for several days with 1 hr per day of GPS and HR monitoring, or 30 days just telling the time. Cost a quarter of the Apple Watch 4. Yes I miss some Apple Watch features, but to be honest if I got a notification, I just reached for my iPhone.

  2. A fitness review means how well the heart rate sensor keeps track of your heart rate during different kinds of workouts. How accurate the GPS keeps track of your runs. How accurrate the device is at measuring cadence and stride. How well it measures calories burned. NOT how long the battery lasts in an extreme scenario that is practically worthless for 99% of the people 100% of the time.

  3. 6 hour hike I’m lucky if I do a 6 minute walk around the house lol
    I love my new Apple Watch 4 black SS
    New iPhone X’s max or whatever you call it 6.5 inch screen 512 gig of room
    I’m all in to the new apple stuff now I hope to use well.

  4. 6,49 miles (10,4 km) in around three hours? Yikes. In three hours, you should have at least walked 20 km (12,4 miles). You must be in pretty bad shape if such a light exercise session is getting your BPM over 90. Yikes.

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