Aesthetic Fitness Motivation – LISTEN YOUR BODY

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CREDITS For Epic Footages:
➥RGL Film House
➥JM Productions
➥Rebecca Andrews

➥ Gymshark
➥Student Aesthetics
➥Pursue Fitness

➥Hermes Onori
➥1St Phorm
➥Zac Smith
➥Sergi Constance
➥Justin St Paul
➥Golden Aesthetics
➥Gerardo Gabriel
➥Simeon Panda
➥Marc Fitt
➥Obi Vincent
➥Ironman Magazine
➥Nordic Bodybuilding & Fitness
➥Steve Cook

► Music: Paris Blohm – Let Me Go (feat. KARRA)
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Athletes: Gerardo Gabriel,Simeon Panda,Marc Fitt,Obi Vincent,Zac Smith,Hermes Onori,Sergi Constance,Justin St Paul,Artemus Dolgin,Andrei Deiu,Jeremy Buendia,Ryan Terry,Steve Cook

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Thumbnail : Andrei Deiu

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