5 Times Floyd Mayweather Went Into Savage Mode

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Throughout the professional career that lasted 20 years and counts 50 bouts, Floyd Mayweather has achieved the status of the most famous boxer, he earned enormous wealth and respect. Being gifted with rare athleticism and an irresistible desire to be the best, a fighter who was born in Michigan enjoys the reputation of being invulnerable. To honor such an extraordinary career the channel – “This is interesting” presents you the top five fights of Floyd Money Mayweather. We hope you enjoy watching our video!

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  1. Pretty Boy Floyd. The absolute best I've ever seen. No one can even compare.

    I am a Pacquiao fan BTW, and admit he would've been battered for 12 rounds if both of them faced in their prime. Floyd was just too gifted and smart, he would've adjusted. Still would've been a helluva fight to watch at their best.

  2. Жалко Артуро Гатти, плохо кончил. Забу Джуде не хватало в боксе стальных нервов, он бы уделал всех. А Рики Хаттон тупой идущий вперёд боец, был рад когда его отпиздил Флойд

  3. Floyd era agresivo en sus combates cuando inició, no era muy defensivo. Pero desde que José Luis Castillo le dio su paliza cosa que Floyd no ganó ahí pero se la dieron, desde ahí empezó hacer más distante a la hora de boxear.

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