Don’t get tricked by these easy riddles that will test your brain fitness level. Surprisingly, most adults fail to solve these tricky riddles, while for teens these riddles are just a piece of cake.

00:14 – Logic puzzle – Mystery riddle.
Hey, this one is a really hard logic puzzle and any mistake can cost you your life. So, get a hold of yourself and concentrate, I know you can find the way out! This short riddle will test how well you can act in an emergency! Be wise, turn on your logic and find your way out of the room!
01:18 – Mystery riddle.
This mystery riddle is the perfect example of how careful we should be of what we wish for! What would you do if you had unbounded power to make your wishes come true, and your enemy’s life was in your hands? This hard riddle with answer for adults will make you revise your priorities 😉
02:46 – Easy riddle to test your attention.
What would you do in her shoes? Would you can the police? Would you even realize that something is obviously wrong? This easy riddle will test your ability to THINK logically 🙂
03:49 – Short riddle to test your logic.
Short riddle to test your logic! So the husband is a mysterious man, but also a smart one. Are you smarter than him? What evidence (a huge one) did she leave behind? This brain teaser with answer that makes most people say “WOW! Would never guess! But also… the guy is creepy”! 🙃
04:54 – Who is the thief? – Popular riddles on crime.
So one of these suspects is lying and lying hard! One of them took what does not belong to him or her! Who did it? This crime riddle for adults will warm-up your brain and jump-start your thinking process! To be honest, a very small percentage of people manage to crack this tricky riddle for adults!
06:55 – Fun magic tricks for kids – Magic tricks revealed.
Kids’ favorite magic tricks are revealed and some of these easy tricks you can learn and perform for your kids or friends, they’ll be impressed!
08:41 – Fun visual puzzle – Funny riddles.
A fun visual puzzle breaking all your stereotypes about the fastest creatures and types of transport in the world into pieces! Here are three levels for you; try to guess who’s going to win this race. Did you get it right? I passed only the first level🙈 Funny riddles with answers to keep your mind sharp and your spirits high!
10:33 – Trivia quiz to save your life one day.
I will bookmark this trivia quiz and show it to my kids, parents, friends and their kids! I would even show it to each person in the world if I could, because it’s what everyone should learn by heart since their childhood. Do you know what to do if your leg suddenly gets numb or you get into a whirlpool? How to overcome a strong current? If you fail at least one of these questions, then go and watch this trivia until you’re completely sure you know what to do, and then teach your kids and significant others too!
12:23 – Picture puzzles.
A mind-twisting picture puzzles that will make your rack your brain for hours! It’s a perfect exercise for those who want to sharpen their logical skills and learn to crack even the hardest puzzles. This is not a puzzle with answers so you’ll have to think hard to find your own solution. Share with the otherriddle solvers what you have come up with! And remember that there are no right and wrong answers.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS the answers to the last set of tricky riddles (who is the biggest fool?).

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