10 Reasons Why Instagram Fitness Models Are NOT Real Life

10 Ways Instagram fitness models are tricking you.

Did you ever compare yourself to Instagram fitness models and feel awful? Once you’ve watched our video you’ll realize that these influencers aren’t quite as real as you might think they are. Instagram fitness blogger Chessie King has lifted the lid on all the tricks they use to show themselves off in the best light. It makes for fascinating viewing.

Chessie is all about spreading body positivity and body confidence. She does this by sharing Instagram vs reality photos and side-by-side shots to reveal how easy it is to fool your followers. From posture, angles and lighting to Photoshopped and edited pictures, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make yourself look totally different.

Watch our TheTalko video to see 10 reasons why Instagram fitness models are NOT real life, all thanks to Chessie’s revelations, and tell us in comments what annoys you the most about the fake photos out there.

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