WWE 2K18 is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Also we’ve got some more details about the new game mode ROAD TO GLORY!!


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  1. preorderd 2k18 deluxe edition already going all out this time especially when kurt Angle is the preorder character and it comes with the season pass and myplayer kickstarter hell yeah

  2. I really hope 2k18 ain't a let down like 17 it was way to glitchey one time the ref rko my custom superstar then he pinned me and I lost the bell rang n to dry thing but the did not let up rko after rko SHITTTTTTTT man

  3. thank god that this will be the same as ps4 and xbone I was scared it was gonna get the wii treatment like how it used to be back if you played the games on the wii or like a ps3 xbox360 version

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