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  1. I am probably one of the few who is happy that these kinds of guys aren't at my gym. lol Go yell like fucking idiots elsewhere. I just want to work out normally. Those are the "gym is life" types who take themselves WAY too fucking seriously. PF is a nice place to go if you don't want to deal with all the negative stereotypes of gym goers. Meat heads annoy the shit out of me. If I can strength train without grunting or dropping weights like a retard so can you. Just two months in and I have increased my weights by 25 lbs with no supplements just straight protein meals and doing shit right. I get a little grunt but if you yell like these guys, you are a fucking asshole. lol The only people who complain about PF are people I would never want there anyways. This is why i chose PF over a so called "real gym".

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