Turning fitness into a career

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  1. Thank you for this video scooby! Fitness is everything to me and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a living out of it. I’m 17 atm and in anorexia recovery, and I’m finally almost to a normal weight and I’m feeling much stronger, but I’m far from my fitness & health goals. Hope you’re well!

  2. I'm certified from ISSA it was a good certification.  I've been a certified Personal Trainer for seven years.  I've never had a job in the profession.  I want to use it.  No one has given me an opportunity.

  3. I'm slowly getting into fitness, been off and on it for a few years, dealing with a lot of petty stress and what not from home hasn't done all that well for me mentally. However, when I do talk to some people with what info I know and what I am trying to do, they normally recommend I be a Physical Therapist (6-7 years depending what you go with), sadly it isn't worth it in USA because the costs would be insane. I, personally, don't want to make any money from this type of thing. That way when I actually help people try to change up their lifestyles, I do it for free and don't have any BS to sell them. I also always tell them to take my information with a grain of salt. Anything can change and we aren't all the same.

    Regardless, as always Scooby, thanks for doing what you can for the community. Hope to see you continue on with this for many more years to come.

  4. Brillant video scooby, having been a Personal Trainer, I find your description of the career to be very accurate.

    Thanks for your input and I congratulate your honesty 🙂

  5. Dear Scooby, I became a Personal Trainer inspired by many of your videos. However it's exactly like you describe it. Good for a part time job, but most trainers I've met are struggling just to buy groceries. I only do it part time, for the passion of it, and it is hard and that's with a diploma + ACE certificate, nutrition science diploma and a weight management specialist cert. The good thing is that I never left my regular job. Thank you for your inspiring and motivating videos. Much appreciated Scooby. And good luck to all on your fitness journey.

  6. It takes much longer than just a weekend to become a personal trainer. The fastest way is by taking a 6 week intensive course. But if you do it part time like I did then it will take several months.

  7. Thank you so much Scooby. Thanks to you, I found my interest in exercise science. Now I'm making career gains as a sports coach and trainer. Kind regards and thanks

  8. Very good advice Scooby , I have been watching a few Jerry Brainum youtube vid's on supplements and he seem's to be a very honest person and knows the subject inside-out.

  9. You can actually turn the near-zero-motivation of your clients into a high motivation for yourself, i.e. the lower the motivation of your client, the higher your own motivation to get them fit. It was always a great source for my own motivation. But, of course, you must love that job, otherwise you will be pissed of fast.But, a real challenge is to deal with people who talk during training and want training for just a bit sort of free-time-fitness and social events and they never leave, they come back every time. But you want them to get to a competition level because you trained yourself for that all your life, but you just can't get them to that level, you can't force them. Then you need to deal with their wishes, doesn't matter what you want because the client is king at the end. There you need patience. These "I don't take that funny stuff too serious"-clients who come back and never stop are the biggest challenge.

  10. I am looking into getting into diabetes education, myself. got into a Kinesology program near my home that i'll be done with in two years. I love me some science, so, it's all good for me.

  11. On point, scoob! I'd add that in most fields of work, it's usually more profitable to screw people over and lie to them rather than be honest and genuinely try to sell a good product / service. It's sad, and it's why we need regulations against such practices.

    But beyond even that, how is wealth generated into the economy in the first place? It has to come from somewhere, and it seems to me that wealth cannot be generated except by cheating someone else (or usually more accurately: tons of people – workers, buyers, etc), exploiting the environment, or exploiting animals.

    If everyone were paid a decent wage and nobody cheated anyone else out of wealth at some level, then the only way to make a profit as a business would be to exploit the environment or animals. If the environment is exploited and polluted, the public generally has to pay for that instead of the business that pollutes, therefor that business makes profit at the expense of the environment and other people. If animals are exploited, they bear the burden through the sacrifice of their lives.

    idk, just rambling.. good topic. it's hard to be an honest businessman, that's for sure, but doesn't reduce the necessity to try to be one!

  12. Thanks for keeping at it. I like your perspective, though we differ on methods (I actually like the gym; working out at home is much too quiet for my taste).

    Apropos of nothing … did you go somewhere for awhile? You used to be in my recommended vids every day, then not at all for a few years … and now I see you again.

    YouTube algorithm, or did you take a long vacation?

    Anyway, welcome back, either to my feed or to YouTube, whichever.

  13. Could you make a video about your time in Germany, please? Where exactly have you been and for what period of time did you live there? Which company did you work for and what are the best moments you had? Greetings from Germany 🙂

  14. Good vid scoob, just wanted to clarify that physical therapists are NOT medical doctors. They do have doctoral degrees, but do not go to medical school. Typically, you can become a PT in about 7 years (4 years undergrad, 3 years doctorate). This is still a long road, but substantially less than medical doctors (4 years undergrad, 4 years med school, 3-7 years residency, and potential 2 years of fellowship!). Overall still difficult, but not nearly as ruthless as the medical doctor road. Hope this helps!

  15. Everything related to "True and Pure" fitness is pure scam now. Artificial supplements, GMO enriched foods, whats actually left to work for Im not sure anymore.

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