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  1. Hey Goku flex my name is shante I just starting your videos and liked the content but had some questions now im 25 years old and I haven't worked out in over 12 years i'l admit im alittle chubby I was wondering do u have some work out advice because  ive always wanted to be ripped but id either wouldn't have the motivation or I would have some cramps when doing situps any advice you could give would be appreciated also would u have any advice for heavy breathers when exercising

  2. Buddy you make me laugh. Ten years and you look like that (not enough mind muscle connection) aka hypertrophy.
    Strength? Wtf are you gonna do with strength, you a power lifter? No. Bodybuilder? I hope so. Or are you just a fitness guy where you want to be strong and ripped
    For me I never cared what I was lifting as long as I would make faces and feel like dying Then I am doing my job, my metabolism went through the roof as well. I would litterly have to eat 7,000 calories with my protien being at least 250 to keep growing and when I did I would grow it wasn't water weight or fat it is legit pure muscle.
    I'm 240 btw 7% (not 5 like everyone thinks they are) but 7 and I'm 6'3. I achieved a basic 200 pound shredded physique in only four years tops and then continuing I became like this.
    I don't believe in weights period I believe they are tools used to a sculp our bodies.
    Also as for compounds here is the thing, my chest would never grow on bench press it grew with flys, dumbbell flys, dumbbell presses but never bench.
    Squat, wouldn't matter how perfect my form is (and I have a power lifter as my friend) he was dumbfounded couldn't figure it out.
    I go make an ray and by birth I have a lower disk compressing every time I bend with my back not perfectly straight plus I'm 6'3 to put more.
    Deadlifts I could do but I never got a crazy back until I stopped doing dead lifts and focused on rows, cable rows, dumbbell rows, machine, deep push ups, and Farmer's Walk.
    For my waist being this tiny (27 no joke) and I'm 240, work your transverse abdominals and never do weights with your abs they will get developed quickly but at the same time the waist will grow no matter what. Feel the pain do 1,000 crunches everyday while working for transverse abdominals fasteted everyday.
    And it took me 15 years exactly to look like this drug free.

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