“Edna hates capes…so we all hate capes.” –Heidi Klum
In celebration of her many achievements, the fashion world talks about how The Incredibles’ Edna Mode, a true visionary, has inspired them throughout the years, from her explosive jumpsuits to her divisive view of capes. “Incredibles 2” hits theatres June 15, 2018.

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  1. So I thought this was the preview for Incredibles 2 like Dante's Lunch was for Coco, but I wanted to see the first teaser in the movie theater before Coco. The theater I went to for Cars 3 messed up showing the teaser, and showed the trailer instead, but I was still going to wait to see this (thinking it was the first teaser) in the theater before Coco, and if they showed something else, I just wouldn't watch. The official first teaser came out today (I haven't watched it yet), and I'm glad I found out (just be a quick click, and careful first few seconds of watching) that this isn't the teaser for The Incredibles 2, because I probably would have ran out of the room when they showed it, and come home to watch this. Now because I know there's only one teaser for the Incredibles 2, and Coco comes out it a few days, I probably don't have anything to worry about. Right?

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