India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has released a video showing him flexing over a boulder, lunging and meditating as part of a trend by prominent Indians encouraging others to exercise.
It is not the first time the leader has encouraged others to exercise. The teetotal vegetarian released a cartoon version of himself teaching yoga that was published on his YouTube account
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  1. yoga to zaroori he … train time se nahi aayega to paidal he har jaga jana parega .. so fitness is important there … ab chalte chalte paani chaihiye .. ab to according to niti aayog pata chala ke more than 50% water polluted … ab piye kya ? ab fitness ke liye milk bhe chihiye … par proper price na milne ke karan raste me dookh fekrehe he … ab khana kaise milega ? kisan o ko thik dam na milne ke karan road par sab kuch fek raha he … ab khana nehi he … peena nahi he … yoga he bacha he …

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