Stelter: It’s fair to ask about Trump’s fitness for office

CNN’s Brian Stelter discusses President Trump’s fitness for office and questions raised by Michael Wolff’s controversial and disputed book “Fire and Fury.”

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  1. Rather see hilary's brief physical collapse , rather than to witness crybaby chicken draftdodging liar in chief reek havoc in the country and around the world mental midget zealots.

  2. I have heard that Mister Brian Stelter of the CNN propaganda network will soon be releasing his autobiography "Paraphilic Infantilism – a Life" In this work he claims that Mister Wolf Blitzer is not a reanimated corpse and anyone who claims this is foolish. Mister Stelter does state that Mister Don Lemon is secretly engaged to Sophia the humanoid robot. Wedding soon…who knows? Apparently Mister Stelter and Jim Acosta are good friends. According to Stelter the duo are going to release their version of Johnny Ray's iconic song "Cry". Sounds good to me. In the book Mister Stelter does tale credit for improving the health of Jake Tapper. I am sure that real CNN propaganda fans have noticed that Mister Tapper no longer wears the ever present constipated face. Stelter writes…prunes, I told him prunes. So on a cold night hop in bed, put on a diaper, and dive into "Paraphilic Infantilism- a Life."

  3. "Oh no! We're in a constitutional crisis, and face the dilemma of how to report on it, with politicians and people all over questioning the fitness of the President after we, the corporate media, literally spent the last 12 months reporting on it without evidence, and STILL have no concrete evidence but we're going to act like we do. Oh dear, whatever are we to do?" <- Basically this entire video.

  4. What a fucking joke stelter you pathetic low t loser……..take a look at your comments section here and you will soon realize the ONLY portion of the U.S. populace that is unanimously buying your bullshit are the ones who do not understand how to use the internet and still watch your bullshit on the idiot box and take it as gospel. NOBODY believes you guys, seriously who do you think you are kidding. That book is a disgrace and a fucking rag, it's hard copy tabloid. You guys are straight faced saying all the truth about yourselves and projecting onto Trump. He's not a fucking savior, not even a politician I hold in high regard but holy shit man you sick fucks must really have a whole lot on the line here, I mean major criminakity, that your desperately trying to keep up the show your spinning. Fucking losers

  5. So Trump is mentally ill…He built a multi-billion dollar empire that spread across the world, was able to beat 17 of the best and brightest Republican candidates,turn around to beat the most qualified woman of our time for the presidency,then in his first year in office causes the stock market to climb to heights never seen before in history, lowered unemployment, almost wiped out ISIS, restoring law and order ,all while working with a hostile congress and corrupt media attacking him 24/7 Perhaps we need more mentally ill people in Washington.

  6. Oh so how dare we ask about Hilary Clinton's health after she face plants on to the concrete but you cover this as if it's news? Your beyond insane, the guy is not well? Your so absurd, your reporting is fake news and all your saying is false things.

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