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  1. love this what music did you use i read the reviews and it said Aqua 1 Best of the Best 2006 i googled it and i dont know what to look for can you provide a pic of a list of the songs to know what to look for , appreciate you sharing this wonderful video

  2. It would be great to have more technique & safety cues. For example when doing squats, keeping the knees tracking over the center of the foot but not going beyond the toes. What muscles do specific exercises work & where do you want to feel it (& where do you not want to feel it). It's also good to remind participants to use their core when exercising & to breathe through out class! I liked some of the ending stretches! 🙂

  3. Love this! You are talented Tona! Love how fun and challenging this exercise is for seniors. BTW can you please provide me with the name of the song that has the lyrics "And I still believe in you" 🙂

  4. I have never done aerobics in my life, and I'm hopelessly uncoordinated – the only person I know who can do jumping jacks and manage to have each limb going in a different direction (front, up, down, back, in, out, hop, slap myself… how did the Hokey Pokey get in there?). I went looking for aerobics for seniors because I'm 'Not Ready For the Gym' or anything that seems to strenuous or complicated.
    I found a few videos that were OK… but then came to this one and love it. Other videos had music that was too loud and seemed to have nothing to do with the movements the teacher was making – just distracting. I couldn't hear the instructor or the instructor was at the other side of the room and couldn't really see what she was doing…
    I'm a very verbal person, so for me, it's the words, not the music that helps. To learn the steps and motions, I have to stop the video and repeat the words to myself and do the moves until my body finally 'gets it' and I can start to do the movement properly (in your other video, I see another woman mouthing the instructions as she goes along – that would be me). I know it will be a long time before I'm as coordinated as the people in the class, but as the instructor said, it works your brain and your body.
    Just the work of having to be more coordinated than I have to be walking and getting up and sitting down in a chair makes me feel more alert and energized and in control of my body. My overall mood has improved since starting to try to follow this class. I'm really challenged and surprised that I could enjoy exercise: stretching and weights I did before was just so boring.
    Thanks for this video – it's a life-changer, and I really don't notice the problems with audio that sb else mentioned, maybe because I really need the verbal instructions to keep me on track and the music I sort of tune out (not coordinated; can't dance). This instructors descriptions of what she's doing (pour it out, flashlight, wave me away) really help me 'get' what she's asking me to do, more than if she just showed it.

  5. Hi Tona !
    I exercise for about an hour each day and hurt my foot recently. I found your video this morning and used it, sitting down. Loved it! Even though I couldn't use my full weight on my feet, I found that the video gave me a really good workout.
    I do have a few questions, since I plan to use it again. When I saw the balls, I grabbed my weighted medicine ball. Is that what is being used or should I use my pilates ball? Another question is whether or not I can use this each day. Since weights are used, do I have to let my muscles recover on alternate days?
    Lastly, I loved your shoes! Thy looked very comfortable and not as heavy as regular sneakers. What kind are they?
    Thanks again for a good workout! I'll use it sitting while I'm recovering and later try it as it's meant to be.

  6. Love your workout. Can't get a silver sneakers cardio workout in my neighborhood so I checked on line and found you. Bought myself some resistance bands and weights. I can't find the ball. Any ideas where I could get one? Keep up the good work.

  7. A wonderful holistic workout that is fun, engaging and adaptable. I teach a senior  exercise/movement class in West Devon UK , needed some fresh inspiration (for tomorrow morning!) and came across your video, what fabulous energy you have and the participants are clearly loving it! I have lots of lovely new ideas to weave into my sequences. A BIG thank you Tona!

  8. I am doing this video at home way back in NJ. I am 5'7''. How long should a resistance band be? I pieced together two but I don't think thats the best approach. Also with the ball — is it a medicine ball? or some other type. I was doing weights with 10lbs which I do at the gym but I think maybe I should switch to 7.5. This was pretty hard. Great video

  9. I am seventy and trying to lose some weight and get a little healthier. I almost made it through , but quit at the ball exercises. Will try again tomorrow. thanks for posting.

  10. So glad I found this and thank you for caring enough to post for us! I'm 60 and over weight and have found this perfect for me. Although it looks easy, its somewhat challenging for me. I didn't think I was that un coordinated until i started this and after my 7th day, I'm really getting it now. I sweat and love it! I live in the country and its far to a workout class for me. Thanks again Tona!<3

  11. So much fun for your class.  They are grinning ear to ear, especially the lady to your right.  She just loves it.  Better than any other chair, senior exercise class I have seen.  Music makes such a difference to this age group.  They are so motivated by you.  Thank you for inspiring me for my class and sharing.  What a fabulous, professional instructor!!!  Harrogate, UK

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