Samsung’s new Gear devices help you keep track of your movements whenever you move, eat, drink, or sleep so that fitness becomes part of your daily routine.

Go beyond fitness.

Samsung Gear Sport
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro
Samsung Gear IconX

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  1. I complain about efficient services in Turkey. They do not repair products falling under the scope of the guarantee. They are not interested in other defects because there is a crack in the windshield.
    They also charge fees. I have the Samsung S8. I can not use it because he did not fix it. Samsung Turkey '' According to the procedure, first user error is resolved '' they say. But there is no such procedure. I do not have a signature under such an article.
    I sent an e-mail to Samsung Korea, but you are not interested. .If you do not stand behind your product, you should not.

    Also, I bought a headset (Gear icon x) from Samsungwa and after 18 days I sent it for repair. 3 months later neither the product nor the return of the param. When I call and ask, they say to me, 'There is nothing we can do'. Samsung does not stand behind its products.

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