today’s vlog is all about reaching your fitness goals by overcoming failure and beating bad habits. you can do it! 🙂 xo Cambria Joy
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  1. GIRL! I needed to hear that car-talk about identity. Just this week God was really teaching me that my happiness isn't defined by what job I get or what school I go to, but my happiness comes from God. And hearing you talk about success and failures really just spoke to my heart, thank you SO much for sharing that. Love you, Cambria! 🙂 <3

  2. You should try removing your makeup with oil! You can research online which oil is best for your skin type. It's more cost effective and better for the environment because it doesn't create waste like wipes.

  3. Thank you so much for your videos. I have being susbcribed to your channel for years now, and I just wanted to tell you that I love watching your videos and your vlogs, because I always feel relaxed and positive about my life and myself afterwards. You are amazing! Kisses from Spain 😀

  4. I was just curious about what's up with your schooling or career interests. Weren't you trying to get certified as a personal trainer or something a long time ago? You don't talk about that in your videos anymore. And are you planning on going to college at all?

  5. The first part of this video really touched my heart, a little voice in my head has been telling me for a while to buy bible and read it, I need it, I'm living abroad and getting married here soon and the homesickness is heart breaking. My bible is coming, my granny will send it for me as a wedding gift. It makes it super special. I'm very excited to read it and I don't even know why? thank you Cambria ❣️

  6. What if you and Bo made a goal together when you go to bed. Maybe you can pray or talk about goals for the next day. That might help keep you off your phone. It's creates a special time for you two and helps you with your goal 🙂

  7. That intro actually made me cry. Because it made me realize that within the past couple of weeks I haven't been myself, I haven't been listening to my faith and I have been longing to workout and go for walks by the beach and just eat healthy yet I am putting it off for various reasons and excuses and it has really taken its tole on me and my soul and this video let alone even just your intro really made me realize that. SO MUCH. So thank you, Cambria! (: you are so awesome!!

  8. I'm just now finding your channel but ahhh one of my last vlogs was about morning devotion time, and another was about how my time spent with God helped me stop having severe anxiety and panic attacks! Love your little tidbit about this, and loving your channel!

  9. Cambria, I really needed to hear this reminder. I get so busy with the struggle of life that I forget to put on my armor to go into battle. Jesus is the answer. He is the only thing that fulfills. He loves us more than we can fathom. Its that love that should drive His children to love themselves and others. You are such a blessing!

  10. So thankful I found your channel shortly after I decided to rededicate myself to God. You are an amazing inspiration of how to live out God's Word in small ways that really add up. Thanks for being who God has called you to be and helping others do the same!

  11. I love you so much Cambria. You are so amazing and special. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and experiences through your videos. You have helped me become a better version of me and want to be everything everyone said I couldn't. Thank you!

  12. Yes, We need to put God first in the morning. Love your encouragement!!
    "In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectancy." Psalms 5:3
    One thing I need to work on is being diligent with my exercise. And thanks for reminding us to not be hindered when we mess up on our progress.

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