[Rare] Depeche Mode – The Rumour (Blasphemous Rumours, 1984) 8:00 min version

Mute Records, 1984

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  1. THE SONG that got me totally head over heels in love with DM…The dept of these lyrics struck a chord in my tiny teenagehood heart! It is the very first time I see that video… Ouf! The subject is still very actual and accurate….

  2. Paul, ich werde 50 im November !! Selbstmord ? Schlimmer , meine Frau möchte zum Konz , mal schauen ( ich mach andere musik Skinny Puppy etc , Wenn du Selbstmord möchtest stimm dich doch damit ein , gelle , nee ( Toten Hosen / ( steh auf wenn Du am Boden liegst , gelle ?

  3. To the people who didn't understand it:
    A suicidal/depressed girl tries to commit suicide. But she fails. And she reads bible. She became a religious girl. In her 18 a car hits her. She dies after that.

  4. Тут есть все. И глумление над христианскими святынями и демонстрация самоубийства и склонение к суициду. Но, скажите, почему я считаю этот вариант видео одним из самых лучших в истории?

  5. Whenever you get abused by your nearest and dearest, such self victim behavior comes in mind. Ensure that these abusive acts are not rumors or hearsay or even self interpretations. Music is nice. Regards

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