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John sits down with the new Boost Mode feature included in the beta version of the PS4 4.50 firmware update. How does this feature take advantage of PS4 Pro and what does it mean for unpatched games? We explore all this and more within.

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  1. Boost mode didnt do shit! Hope Sonys got some cards up their sleeve to compete with xb one x. I bet they do. Dont think xbox One x is worth the money either until the real games that really need that power comes out.

  2. I'm a console guy but I'm with the pc guys on this one. The money is not worth a few frames. I would rather build a pc but won't coz there really isn't anything I wanna play on it. But this upgrade is a cash grab

  3. PS5 is going to be a tower machine where they clearly removed a dell label and replaced it with a PS5. I can see it now…
    Announcer: Introducing the new PS5!
    Up goes a cover to reveal the most generic tower you have ever seen.
    Announcer: Now with new improved airflow, and space for upgrades!
    Sony fans: OMG is the greatest thing evarrrr!
    PC fans: ROFL LMFAO what a peice of shit.

  4. You know what fuck pc gamers ! All over every ps4 or xbox videos. Go play on your fucking pc you losers. In your small bedrooms at your mom's house. Meanwhile I plug my ps4 pro into my 65 inch 4k uhd Sony tv in my 4759 sq ft house with my Ferrari in the drive way and wife with dd boobs that sucks me off while I play.

  5. Pc gamers are blamed for holding developers to a higher yet fair standard. Money for a quality product which should play at higher than console quality with minimum specs as an platform standard.1080p 60fps is the typical pc platform minimum standard for desktop. It blows my mind what limitations some console gamers have accepted and expect others to adhere to. I got into PC gaming originally for one reason and one reason only, I got sick of those limitations on console that held back my ability to refine my gaming experience. I will not let Sony etc… Decide my hardware and performance limitations for me I'd rather allow my hard earned dollars decide PC gaming is about options having the freedom set your own standards regardless of what it costs. console players have never had that option except for HDD sizes

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