In just nine minutes, without a single squat or jumping motion, this Pilates workout burns out the butt and thighs. It’s a great butt lifting workout for…Read full article @

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  1. I started doing these as a way to change up my boring spin, run, spin , run routine and I love them.  I workout 7 days a week and realized I needed to incorporated videos so I bought a bunch, Jillian Michaels, Taebo and so forth and I loved them. But the I found these and on my off hard core cardio days I use these instead. I have a tone day, arm, day and if not so tired all day… and do the cardio interval video as well. They are a great mix of eveything and I belive with all of my hard work I am a pro now! Keep em coming they are great…!!! Check out R.I.P.P.E.D they have awesome intervals as well just like these! Thanks a lot for making good videos to help people!!!

  2. Aah, I did this as a burn-out after one of your half-hour butt and thigh workouts and half an hour of HIIT+abs workout. I am very much in need of a shower right now but omg that. was. awesome. If I lived in America and I could buy a fitnessblender shirt, I would probably practically live in it ^_^

  3. Only 9 minutes for a better butt! I liked how this routine had no lunges, squats or jumping, unlike a lot of other "bigger butt" workouts, and I actually really felt like I was targeting my glutes. I'll be careful going down the stairs today!

  4. Some people and articles are saying that squats and lunges won't shape your thighs, they ADD muscles and you will get a bigger thighs.. Is this true? I have bulky thighs and I just want to slim them down.

  5. i just finished your 32 minute ultimate butt and thigh workout (left out the jump squats though). now, i'm gonna do this one as a burnout. hope i'll be still alive afterwards 😀

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