In this video we cover the new dance emotes coming to Overwatch as well as a recent article on PVP Live that discusses several data mined audio clips hinting at a new arena mode and it’s possible reward system. We speculate as wildly as possible as to what the system could look like as well as what the rewards could be. Will we get specific arena gear or skins? Will Eddy finally get his Deagle for McCree…one can only hope

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  1. A Desert Eagle for McCree? I get that it's a personal desire but you're wrong, just ew, not to mention it works against pretty much every aspect of McCree's theme and character

    And please for the love of god can the word "Deagle" go away, something about it makes my skin crawl and harkens me back to the late nineties, no other gun has received such unearned cinefame, they're stupid expensive, clunkier than shooting bottle rockets out of a shoe and just about as accurate, tear themselves apart faster than Caulfield, and have more jams than Smucker's. I've never been a big supporter of the whole "penis substitute" argument, but it holds some sway in this case.

    Sorry for the rant, and to be the fun-hater in the room, but you should try shooting one, they're kissing-your-cousin awkward

  2. I highly doubt the "new gear" stuff will be specific things you can only get in this new "potential" arena mode. BigDaddyJeff has already said he wishes he could take back gold guns because if forces people into comp, who normally wouldnt play comp, which makes it an overall bad experience. Same idea for this arena thing. But who knows!

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