Here is my Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Software Tour Review compared to the iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera. Live Focus vs Portrait Mode! Stay Tuned for full Note 8 Review and Camera Review. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing soon!
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  1. for those who thinks note 8 is better, iphone use depht sening and blur how much it is supposed to be blur or how much a dslr would blur so samsung is totally throwing it over user and saving time!! and look at the colors they are tooo much saturated as compared to the DSLR footage of these blocks

  2. Are some of u clowns new YouTube to how tech channels do smart reviews/comparison. They've been doing this for the pass 10yrs damnit. You idiots talking about they should wait on the next iPhone for a fair review.. dafuq? Right now it's the best Apple have so why not do a comparison for those who's wondering how their current Apple stacks up… geeeze

  3. Still have a lot more fun with the iPhone and its consistent photography language: live photos, slomo, timelapse, depth effects, etc. which are supported across all Apple apps.

    I think this channel is bias and Samsung sponsored. Unsubscribe…!

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