NEW Fortnite Creative Mode Gameplay + Guide (Recorded At Epic HQ!)

NEW Season 6 Recap Rap song –

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0:00 – Creative Hub + Getting To Your Island

1:50 – Entering Creative Island

2:28 – Basic Phone Spawner Controls

3:25 – Prefabs Explained + Spawning Objects

5:38 – Devices Exaplined + Demonstrated

7:57 – Copying Objects From Prejabs

9:23 – Rotating Objects, Toggling Gravity + Resetting Orientation

11:52 – Creating Chests + Llamas + Loot

13:28 – Mirroring Objects

14:28 – Full List Of Prefabs to preview

15:47 – Island Settings, Permissions + Publishing

This past week I was flown out to Epic’s headquarters in North Carolina to test run the new Creative Mode, give them feedback and help build the tools as well as some fun maps. Let’s take a look!

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  1. I’ve seen many maps where shooting or using a picaxe at the walls doesn’t brake them, where in the settings can you make that happen. Otherwise in mini games maps people just start breaking everything

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