Physical fitness is a critical part of service in the U.S. Navy. Meeting the physical standards to get to boot camp is the first step, but once there you will learn what it takes to elevate those fitness levels and maintain the standard required in the Fleet. Watch as the newest recruits take on this challenge to step up their game.

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  1. Jesus. Looks like a holiday retreat to what I had to go through, although I'm not from the US I'd guess our navy has it as comfy. I can't remember to have had a single day without the taste of blood in my mouth and utter exhaustion. Even taking a shower seemed like a monumental task to do at the end of the day. The reality however is that all branches serve their own purpose and there's no point in training people in another way than that which ensures the best performance for said needs.

    It'll always be fun to make jokes of one another but at the end of the day, when lead starts flying we're all there to help one another.

  2. a couple of years ago I was trying to get into the Navy I did good on the practice test but when I went to meps I failed the original test for some reason I didnt get into the military now I probably see why I didn't get into the military.

  3. Navy Boot Camp has changed a lot since I went through it in 1984. Not saying it was like Marine Boot Camp, but it was was much more "mental" than this. Much more yelling and Company Commanders getting up in peoples faces. There were no T-Shirts, Ball-Caps and sweat pants. Unless you were doing PT, you had to be "Squared-Away" meaning, your uniform had to be right! Many more people joined the Navy in those days, so they were more willing to "weed-out" the weaker recruits.
    People will compare Navy Boot-Camp to Marine Boot-Camp and Army Basic-Training. But they are worlds apart. People will say that The Navy is so much easier than the other two but it doesn't need to as strenuous as the other two. Most of the Marines and Soldiers that say that, wouldn't make through the first day of Navy SEAL-BUD/S training. Most aren't joining the Navy to be an elite commando. They will be in positions where they are operating equipment costing in the millions of dollars. You don't need to get screamed at for 8-weeks to operate a nuclear-reactor plant on a 5 Billion Dollar Ballistic Missile Submarine. Aren't many "Grunt's" that could pull that one off.

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