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  1. hey! something that works really well for me and losing fat is intermittent fasting. there's lots of ways to do it, so doing some research to find which way is best for you is better than doing what anyone else is doing. it's basically a window during the day that you eat, and you don't eat anything outside of the window that you set for yourself. it doesn't have to be as intense as it sounds either!

  2. Bella idk if they have this product in Australia, but I would use amino energy if I were you! It’s meant to help speed up muscle recovery and give you more energy, has literally almost no calories, and the blueberry lemonade flavor tastes like kool aid! I lost fifteen pounds last summer, and I give all credit to the amino energy. I have some friends who go to the gym twice a day just so they can have more of it because it tastes so good lol

  3. Hi I am currently trying to lose 15 pounds and have lost 6 in a month. I basically started to work out for 30 minutes 4 times a week, high intensity workouts that I found on YouTube (millionaire hoy) and counting calories on my fitness pal. I eat a lot more veggies and fruits but still have meat (protein is important), drink lots of water, and still allow myself to have unhealthy snacks like ice cream and chips but in moderate portions. Hope that helps.

  4. Next time you clean out your pantry/fridge I suggest donating or composting all of it! I’m hoping you didn’t just throw it all away but I saw all of the things you threw out could be composted or donated!!

  5. I've lost about 45 pounds from 2016-2017 and I've maintained it!! Diet is definitely key.. oatmeal, smoothies, salads, carrots and hummus, black beans, avocado, sweet potato, all fruits and veggies etc. are all amazing and have helped me so much because they're all still so yummy but healthy at the same time! I've also learned to love the gym, it's just part of my routine and I don't even think twice about it anymore I just go. It's a lifestyle not a diet! Proud of you for starting your journey (you already look great tho) 🙂 you got this giiiiiiiirl!

  6. I started weight training and love it! i havent become muscly, its very hard for girls to gain muscles like men. i leaned out and lost weight through it. I gained curves, booty and abs and im so happy i started it!

  7. Hey Bella! I totally agree 100% everyone online contradicts its self, makes it so hard! I’m reading a book called Thinner Leaner Stronger on my phone at the moment I’m only upto like page 300 of 1000 haha but it’s AMAZING so far!!! I can’t recommend it enough I’ve already learnt soo much! You could always check it out 🙂 xx

  8. Hi Bella, I would highly recommend bodiesbyrachel.com.au they are amazing with female body transformations, give you workouts and meal plans. The challenge sign ups are passed but they have 12 week personalised you can purchase. The transformations in such a short time frame are amazing.

  9. You should follow Kristee Vetter! She vlogs her fitness journey and also has a fitness Instagram account and she’s so helpful! She shows what she eats everyday, her workouts, and tips to being fit!

  10. Here are a few tips that I find to be helpful:
    – Download the "My Water Balance" from App Store to track your water intake
    – Drink hot water with lemon before breakfast and coffee
    – Do pilates – check out Blogilates on Youtube! She is amazing!
    – Follow meowmeix on Instagram for tips on healthy snacks and how to replace unhealthy foods

    Good luck on your journey, Bella! We are rooting for you 🙂

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