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Hey girl hey, let’s be friends! I’m Kristee Vetter, aka Strawberryelectric48, a 21 year old college kid in Southern California. On my channel you’ll find fun lifestyle, college, and beauty videos, plus anything else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way!




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  1. To anyone looking to start a diet: I strongly advise you read the book Intuitive Eating! Dieting is absolutely terrible for you, and I guarantee you will only gain more weight as a result. Listening to your body, doing what makes you feel good, and taking care of yourself in every aspect of life is what will give you the body you want. And remember health is seen at every shape and size- a smaller weight does not mean a healthier body. Pursue what you want, but don't do it at the expense of your happiness

  2. So excited to see you take on this journey! I am going to try and follow suit! Also I live near AU and definitely thing you should hold a meet up once you're settled !

  3. This was so motivating and entertaining to watch! You and your friends are funny lol. It's nice to see that you're not like ashamed about your journey because currently I am and I get anxious about going to the gym and stuff. Keep up the vlogs! This was encouraging for me to watch. Also would love to see more of your meal prep process! 🙂

  4. You go girl! If you get frustrated with trying to figure out what you should be eating (proteins, carbs, fats, etc.) I would highly recommend checking our Avatar Nutrition. They will customize your macros weekly based on check ins that you do. It's a subscription fee, but my husband and I both use it and we love it. It's worth it to know that you're going to see results every week and if you don't they adjust your macros based on your results for that week.

  5. I'm writing this in true hopes you see it. I started watching your videos years ago because you were a little bit bigger and I was always overweight and I loved that there was a confident beauty guru who I felt was more like me. Last year in June I started a ketogenic high fat LOW carb diet with my boyfriend. Since, I have lost 75 pounds going from XXL to XS and size 14 to 0. My boyfriend also lost 130 pounds in this time. We follow many others who have had such great success on this diet. We stay under 20 net carbs a day and try to get as much fat intake as possible (it helped with how fast we lost our weight). Keto literally changes the way you use your food for energy and makes you stop storing your fat (from carbs not from fat) and start using your stored fat as energy. I lost all of that weight in under a year with absolutely no exercise, and I was overweight my entire life. I weigh 40 pounds less than I did when I was trying to diet in middle school. Please feel free to message me if anyone wants more info or tips on the diet or wants to see my before and after pics. Love you Kristee I hope you see this cause I truly think it will work for you.

  6. Love these videos so please keep them coming! I'm going through the same process of changing things around and losing weight, I have a couple of tips that's helped me. Training with weights or resistance machines is super good for weight loss, and I know a lot of people are concerned with "getting big" but that really doesn't happen unless you're just doing lots of weights. I usually do 20 minutes cardio, use the machines and then do a floor workout. I really like Candace Lorwys whole body workout, it's on her channel and I'd definitely recommend it. Sometimes if I'm tired I cut one of the sets but even then it's a great workout. I also really rely on measurements over actual weight loss, because weight loss will slow down rapidly but your body will still be changing. Also if you do incorporate weights/resistance weight loss may even halt (as you gain muscle even if you're losing fat) but the changes you see in your body are so motivating. And lastly I love making my own oats because they taste just as good but usually contain a lot less sugar, so I get a massive packet of plain quick oats from the supermarket (which is super cheap) and add honey/cinnamon/vanilla essence and it tastes just as good.
    Keep going girl, you're doing a great job so far and I can't wait to see more!!

  7. I'm so proud of you for making a positive change to your diet and lifestyle. You seem really motivated and that's awesome. Congrats on surpassing your weight loss goal! Have you seen the YouTube channel 100 Days with vlogbrother John Green? Check it out, I think you'll enjoy it! It encouraged me to go out and try sports I'd never considered doing before.

  8. So proud and think you're doing amazing! One tip, start working in weight training now, even simple things such as squats, lunges, pushups, sit ups. This helps build some basic muscle, and muscle actually burns more calories while stationary than fat, so it will help you with your weightless. If you simply do the same thing over and over, your body will adjust to it and it will become ineffective! Switch it up and find something in strength training that you enjoy 🙂

  9. I know you don't need me to tell you this but you are doing the best damn you can. The people who say you're right or that you're wrong are people you don't need to worry about. I am so excited for you. I am so proud of you for your weight loss. I wish you the best. ❤

  10. Coconut oil has a bunch of saturated fats!! Use extra virgin olive oil instead 🙂 also flavored oatmeal has a bunch of sugar so use regular oatmeal instead and maybe add some honey or a banana if you want it to be sweet

  11. Congrats! Weighing in is good but weigh ins on Friday are normally lighter for most because its right before the weekend which isnt as busy as normal life is not that it even matters as long as youre happy and seeing the results that you want

  12. This video is REAL… I can't wait to see more! I'm currently in the same boat as you and basically doing the same simple things, like eating better and working out! Thanks for showing what "normal" people do.

  13. Fun fact I was inspired to do the elliptical because of one of your vids years ago when you mentioned it and now I love it it's one of my favourites at the gym! Loving these videos already please don't stop they're so inspiring 🙂

  14. Yassss girl! such an amazing achievement! I gained around 10Kg (which i think is like 22 pounds) since being on the pill last year, and being only 5ft tall it makes it so hard to hide it, i was definitely in the denial stage when i gained about 5kg initially and only really came to the realisation that it was an issue when i gained another 5! Baby steps is so great, Ignore the other comments about being Vegan etc definitely do what works for you! I know for me I thrive off dairy and meat! also try the apple cider vinegar with hot water and even some lemon or ginger, i think it tastes a lot better!!

  15. Kristee!! I have missed watching you and I'm so excited for these videos. I'm trying to get back on track and shed some pounds (and I'm allergic to nuts too!!) so please keep these coming! You're still the same strawberryelectric84 that I started watching when I was in like seventh grade.. now I'm 20 and you're still the same genuine, funny, kindhearted person I remember! ❤️

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