My at home work out routine + fitness inspiration.
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36 Kommentare

  1. OMG I had the weirdest dream last night with Channon in it. I dreamed that she had finally had a little girl and the baby was the cutest thing ever omg. And I was holding the baby and so happy and it was just adorable

  2. Thank you for this Chan! It came right in time. Today is my first workout day. I gained weight and took a picture with my favorite singer. I did not look like myself. Luckily I live on the first floor haha. I think you look hot working out. You motivate me. Xoxo thank you. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Channon, I'm super impressed. I've recently had two discectomies, which is no where near a fusion, I know, but it's so hard for me to push through the pain, even in physical therapy. You're an inspiration. Thanks for this!

  4. I'd love if you did daily vlogging again, if your up to it. And crazy story times.
    Those always make me smile!Sending lotsa love from my lil family straight to you & Trav!! Xoxox

  5. Hey channon!! Just a suggestion, when you do your ab scissors, you want to get your legs closer to the ground if you can, and keep your ankles close to each other when you change legs, so don't open your legs so wide. I'm a dancer and we do those in my conditioning class and the suggestion I made is how we do them. I'm not sure if it'll make a huge difference or if there's a right or wrong way to do them, but I just thought I'd share

  6. Love how you begin the video with how you can improve your fitness journey and be motivated (find a buddy, join a class, bring these things, this is how I've changed, etc. Love you so much! I'm curious about what music you listen to when you workout?

  7. I'm a certified personal trainer and you're doing great with form! It looks like there's a slight decrease in ROM but that's normal for someone who has had extensive surgeries. Im so happy to see cardio and weights(: not many women want to do it. Great job and keep it up!

  8. Hey girl hey! I just want to ask how you get motivated to work out every day (or whenever) … I used to be so active and loved excersise but lately after I injured my back, I've been so lazy and unmotivated to go for a run, or just simple workouts at home. Any tips you can give me to whoop my ass back into shape haha? love you xox

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