Modi Fitness Challenge Troll Video

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  1. Virat Kohli challenged Prime Minister Modi for the Fitness Challenge. Modi did some tough postures that he can. Why TN meme creators trolling Modiji unnecessarily. He is an example for everyone. Look at our parents or grandparents, how many are doing exercise or yoga?? Everybody is in hospital for this operation or that operation!!!! people should take good things.

  2. டோக்லாமை தாரை வார்த்த கையாலாகாத வாய் சவடால் ஊர் சுற்றி கிழட்டு தொப்பை குண்டன் செய்வது வாயு வெளி விடும் ஆசனம்

  3. who thinking is a fun they not fit to be in our nation and they not respecting our culture…
    youth only can change our nation so guys im Requesting you dont let modi down he is the one who working 24 hours for our future generation…
    if u not encourage also no problem but pls dont discourage him… we want our children future should be bright our modi ji trying to do that so lets encourage him…


  4. First of all Virat Kohli challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Fitness Challenge. He has completed it successfully and many people don't have the courtesy of at least appreciating him. It is not mandatory he has to be appreciated. People may have different opinions on a person. If anyone hates him they can at least remain silent without trolling him. It doesn't sound good trolling the Primers Minister of a country. This is a major drawback happening in India that portrays as a weakness for other nationalities. They may think people of our nation have got no respect for political leaders.
    No offense!

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